Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Birthday, America

I just watched Kathy Orta's (Paper Phenomenon) Youtube video on her "United we stand" mini album. It is wonderful. For anyone with a friend or relative in the military, this is a must see. Bo Bunny has some knockout papers that are so pretty, it makes me want to make a patriotic mini (Liberty collection).

In between car shopping this weekend, I had hoped to get some scrapping in, but no such luck. Now is my first chance, and here I am on the computer. If anyone out there hasn't yet tried digital scrapping, I would highly suggest it for those who are pressed for time, or those who want to save some money. Close to My Heart's Studio J makes it easy. Give it a try.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Scrapper turns Blogger

This is my first attempt at being a blogger, and I am hoping this will be a useful and rewarding venture for me and anyone who might choose to take a peek at my scrapping life. Since it is blazing hot here, all that indoor time means I should be able to get some scrapping done!

While I began scrapbooking as a way to preserve photos for the future, the ART of scrapbooking took over and now it takes me longer than ever. My ultimate goal is to assure that the collection of photos in my photo closet (yes, not a box or boxes, but a whole closet) are able to be passed on to the future with at least some identification of who, what, and where. 

I decided to start the blog to share what I am doing, and hopefully inspire others to get those old photos out of shoeboxes and into safe, archival storage. At the same time, use photos to make attractive and compelling pieces so the story of the photos can be shared. A scrapbook without photos is just a pretty book.